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The focus of my 4 days teaching in Skye was to build on the lino cutting techniques which the pupils learned at my visit the previous year, this time working on large scale collaborative prints. The pupils began by spending some time working in sketchbooks making drawings of objects that they had found in the trees by the school.  Emphasis was on drawing small objects like acorn shells and leaves much bigger than they were in real life drawing as much detail as possible. They pupils learned about, line, tone, composition and perspective which helped to develop their drawings. They then worked inside to look at the objects with microscopes to see them in even more detail and began working on designing their lino cuts. The pupils learned how to make repeat patterns with their lino cuts which when repeated would create large scale prints. They also learned to develop and communicate their ideas, demonstrating imagination and worked together to create a striking monotone print. The older pupils worked collaboratively on larger pieces of lino making sure that everyone’s drawings were included. This year the pupils were even more confident when handling the lino cutters are were able to use them with control to create strong images. Going back to the same technique as last year allowed the pupils to further develop their ideas and understanding of the technique.


I thoroughly enjoyed going back to work with the school again. The staff and pupils are always welcoming and enthusiastic.


Please let me know if you need more information.


Many thanks, Morag



Bun-sgoil Shlèite

Sleat Primary





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